Why is it so hard sometimes to find words? Is it an outside enemy or our fear that makes us silent and blocks our feelings? Also, is it necessary to ruin everything before regeneration?
This fashion story was shot on the very last day of summer, in a once flourishing mansion not far from Moscow. Like the heroine, it is now silent and with no make-up of murals, but full of memories and expectations. The walls have to wait for the better limes, but for women the time to speak up is now.

  1. Dress, Forest Glade, boots, Vagabond
  2. Jumper, knitted bib, skirt, Sl1p knitwear brand, boots, Les’ by Lesia Paramonova
  3. Dress, Anastasia Morozkina; high boots, Casadei
  4. Coat, Post Post Scriptum
  5. Sweater, tunic, Les’ by Lesia Paramonova;
    jeans, Levi’s vintage; earrings, The Mineral Bar Jewelry
  6. Alena Gorskaya, Pêche Péché Jewelry 

Special thanks to Lunar Hare

Actors – Polina Ivochkina & Fedor Gamaleya @polivochka @gamaleyaf
Idea / Style — Vasilisa Gamaleya-Gusarova @vasilisa
Director / Edit – Ivan Gusarov @ivangusarov
DP – Marlen Butros Yusef @marlen
Photo — Anna Goncharova @little
Music – Peter Karsten @peter.karsten
Make Up — Yana Kavalerchik @kavalerchikyana
Hair — Dinara Mursalova / Kynsi @mursalova.dinara
Style Assistant — Alina Khizhnyak / Visible Style Service @yaneigrushka @visiblestyleservice
1AC – Dmitry Alenchev @dalenchev
Color – Alexey Lapeykin @allap
Design – Ilya Besedin @ibesedin
CG – Arko Mkhitaryan @arko.m89
Location – Vadim Razumov @vadimrazumovru
Sound Engineer – Mary Klimanova @klimaaaaan
Thanks to Cinelab Rental @cinelab